To infinity and beyond
In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
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Thanks Youngjae…


they  know each other so well (ノ´∀`)

proud umma chan teaching her kids to be ‘dumb’ 


B.A.P from A to Z 

⇨ food

❝School ripped the passion I had for writing out of my soul and buried it in a pile of shit a million miles away. And that’s the thing - school is meant to make you flourish - it’s supposed to reach deep into your mind and fill your head with passion, knowledge, education. Yet I spend my nights with my overused notebook open, pages seeping with endless memories and turmoil suffered over the years, and I am afraid that if I write something incorrectly, I’ll get a bad grade. My mind has been corrupted by an infinite amount of stimulus and criteria, so much so that I can’t even write one, simple word. I can’t write about my own experiences, my own pain or my own happiness. School has fucked me so many times. I lack passion and the desire to live. I’ll never be the person to say that school handed me the best years of my life. It’s stolen my life.❞

alright jimin….

Jae having fun during No Mercy ©

before we mark this day down in bap history, reminder that under that maid suit is a man with the deepest voice and a massive chest tattoo…VIVA LA MAID BABYS